Budget Brushes



I love the expensive makeup brushes but honestly, sometimes you can get a few good ones at a bargain. Are they the best?   Ummmm…no…. Are they alright for getting the job done? Ummmmmm…..sure!

Meet my new(ish) purchase:


They aren’t nearly as beautiful as the Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes (*drool), but after moving to Mumbai, I realised 2 things: 1) You’re not going to find exactly what you’re looking for here, or you are and it’s going to be some ridiculously extortionate price; and 2) You’ll probably find the BEST dupes of your life here, because I’m pretty positive that almost everything is “Made in India” (or China) or at least replicated brilliantly well!

There are loads of them! And I mean LOADS (24)!

They’re pretty soft.

brush-close-upDo NOT judge the chipped polish, please…!

eyeshadow-brushesShadow and liners and brows, oh my!


These help give you that flawless base and necessary highlighter (post coming soon!)


Still not entirely sure what this gigantic one is for! Ha!

So in conclusion – no, they’re not the best ever, but they’re pretty darn good for the price, and honestly, with 2 small children running around trying to use them as paint brushes whenever they can, and a crazy rescued Mumbai mutt that thrives on chewing anything made of wood, I choose to save my money and succumb to the  bargain buy!

Rating 3.5/5 (some are better than others)

Similar one in the UK here and in the US here and in Canada here! (You see how I got your back?)!

As always, I’d love to hear from you! What bargain makeup brushes have you managed to scoop up lately? What are your favourite brushes?


My Hair Journey

my hair journey

My name is Faiza. And I am a hair colour addict. Admitting it is the first step, right?! I prefer to call it “The Journey of my Hair”. And like any journey, there were ups and there were downs. My current colour, I’m happy with. I’ve had it now for about 6 weeks and the fact that I haven’t changed it (even though it’s fading a bit – YIKES) must mean I like it, right? So I thought, today’s post will be a bit different. Come along with me on one hell of a journey….!

If we’re starting from the beginning, then you need to know that the absolute first time I coloured my hair was when I was 16. I didn’t know anything about brassy tones or going from black to blonde, so I stuck a box dye of platinum ice blonde on my naturally black hair. Needless to say, there are no photos (or none that I will share publicly) of this tragedy. And yes, it was a tragedy, mostly because I didn’t think it was tragic back then – which in itself, is quite the tragedy.

Fast forward some years and this….

Black………Brown(ish)……..Brassy! Also imagine a mixture of the black on top and some orangey /browney/ blondey bits at the bottom!

(Apologies for the images – but finding a photo that showed my hair colour and that was even slightly good was near enough impossible!)

After MUCH experimenting – and even dying it quite dark and lightening it up with the ol’ shampoo and vitamin C trick – I’ve settled on this….


It’s  a bit faded now….But I’M NOT TOUCHING IT!!!

I used these products to achieve the magenta-y purple shade:


So, what do you think? Stick to this – or change it up a bit! Ha!

Are you a hair colour addict like me? What’s your hair journey? As always, I’d love to hear from you!


Boho Chic with Band of Gypsies


Boho has been made easy, my friends! If you’ve always wanted to get in on the Boho vibe but weren’t quite sure how to, I have discovered an incredible brand that does the work for you.

Band of Gypsies was quite literally discovered by accident! On one of my frequent Mumbai street shopping expeditions, I came by some beautiful dresses. The tag said Band of Gypsies. They are perfect! All you need to add to them to be ‘boholicious’ is a pair of ankle boots or gladiator sandals, some chunky bangles, a few necklaces (preferably with a some feathers on them), and beachy, wavy hair!

In this post, I introduce you to my lovelies….My Band of Gypsies collection!

  1. Soft and feminine, this dress is perfect for brunching.

BOG white

2. Bright and flirty, this is the trendy boho look, complete with peek-a-boo shoulders and tiered skirt.

BOG purple

3. The bold print and fringe on this boho piece is pure perfection. Plus, it’s loose-fitting so no Spanx needed!

BOG fringe

4. The bustier-ish top of this dress, along with the bold print, screams summery beach breakfasts and late-night beach dancing.

BOG blue

5. Ummmm…who doesn’t want to be a ballerina any chance she gets??? Heart.

BOG ballerina

You can browse some of the beautiful bits from this brand here.

Are you feeling the Boho vibe? What are your favourite pieces for this hot trend?

As always, I’d love to hear from you!


‘Wide-Awake’ Eyes

tips for wide-awake eyes

First and foremost, ignore the fact that I have no lippy in the above photo and that my hair looks like a wreckage! Now, on to the post!

Honestly, the hours and days and weeks and months…and so on….are whizzing past! I go to work, I come home and play with small children, I eat, I veg in front of telly, I sleep – I repeat! I’m tired. I don’t know about you but, I’m tired. If you need a few simple tips to help you look more awake, keep reading!

Tip #1:

Concealer. If you are lucky enough to have absolutely NO pigment under your eyes, skip this step. Also know that I hate you. I mix concealers because I just can’t get the right shade, but the trick is to make sure you get that inner corner. Covering that shadow will significantly brighten your eyes!

My favourite combo at the moment:

stilaPLUS catwalk-concealer-light-w71

Stila is thick and has fabulous coverage. You need a couple of dots and it makes the bad go away! I use Shade F – I need to mix it with something that has an orangey base and that’s where the  W7 Catwalk comes in. A match made in heaven! Buh-bye trolleys!

Tip #2:

Nude eyeliner in your waterline. Lying Lining with a nude opens your eyes up and makes them appear bigger!

My favourites at the moment:

rimmel nudebenefit eye bright

The Rimmel Scandal Eyes is a fab drugstore deal and is the perfect shade for all skin tones. I like the Benefit Eye Bright as it has staying power, but I do think it’s better suited to lighter skin tones.

Tip #3:

Mascara. Now listen, there is a trick to this to make those peepers look like that tomcat from Shrek, remember?


Repeat after me – Apply, roll, shake. Apply, roll, shake. Apply, roll, shake. And no, this isn’t some weird new dance move!

First, Second, and Third (this means simultaneously altogether) – Apply the mascara as you’re rolling the wand and gently shaking it from side to side. This ensures you’re getting each and every lash coated.  Now, the trick bit is to gently angle the wand towards the top of your nose. Pulling the wand through towards the end of your eyebrows will give you a cat eye look and pulling the wand the opposite way (towards the middle of the face) will give you that tomcat eye! Let me know if you need a mini video clip for this – that was really hard to explain!

My favourites at the moment: Rimmel Sexy Curves and Loreal Telescopic Carbon Black.

rimmel mascaraloreal telescopic

Tip #4:

Highlighter. Oh.My.Goodness. I almost published this post without this bit! What was I thinking? I must be more tired than I thought! This is a simple way to open up your face and focus on your eyes. Dab a little highlighter or light opal/gold/shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corners to finish off your wide-awake look! Want more on highlighters? Read my post here.

My favourite at the moment:

mary loumanizerThe Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer. Enough said.

And that’s that! Wide-awake eyes!

What are your go-to products to waken those eyes up? As always, I’d love to hear from you!


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Brogues, Baby!


I love pairing masculine pieces with more feminine pieces and brogues, baby, fit the bill for masculinity! Not only are they gorgeous, they’re comfortable! That kind of luck, my friends, does not come around every day!

I’ve got 3 pairs of brogues….and counting.

black brogues

I pair these with just about anything! High-waisted mom jeans, pencil skirts, trousers, anything! Similar ones here.

brown brogues

Just look at the detail on these ones! They are leather and Oh So Gorgeous! I usually pair these with tailored trousers but have been known to throw them on with joggers from time to time.  Similar ones here.  I got mine from my guy in Bandra – you know….the one that’s a treasure trove full of amazing finds? You can read more about my shoe finds here.

shiny brogues

I just love these cheapies from Primark. 4 quid. Patent. Pointy. Oh, My! I haven’t worn them yet, but am planning to pair them with shift dresses and cuffed skinny jeans. Find similar ones here.

And on my wish list…..


Sigh….H & M.…But they’re sold out at the moment!

And these….


A metallic brogue is the perfect accessory!

And many, many more! How many brogues are too many brogues???

What brogues are you wishing for? As always, I’d love to hear from you!




That Dewy Look

formula for dewy-ness

So, Spring has sprung (in some parts of the world!), and with that, we move towards a more dewy, glowy look. Don’t get me wrong -I love a good matte finish, but I’ve noticed lately that the Mumbai pollution is wreaking havoc on my skin! I have found a way to protect it, whilst maintaining a glittery glow in the process….

First, a teeny bit of background. I absolutely cannot find the right shade of foundation. I have tried EVERYTHING! I also have learned that I prefer BB and CC creams over foundations, but sometimes, when I want that extra coverage, I mix a splodge of foundation with a splodge of BB/CC cream for the “still looks like your own skin but better” look. Here’s what I’m mixing and matching at the moment:


And here’s the c factor:


Great on it’s own, but works wonders when mixed with BB/CC cream and even foundation.  If you want to learn more about BB/CC/DD creams, read my post here. I simply either mix a couple of drops directly with BB/CC/foundation on the back of my hand, or I apply a couple of drops of the oil onto my beauty blender and dab, dab, dab! It’s that simple. It hydrates my 30-something year old skin, whilst simultaneously giving me that dewiness that is synonymous with sunny springiness. AND the BB/CC creams protect my skin from sun damage as they’re SPF. Win – Win – Win!

oil and bb

Yes, cleaning my beauty blender is on my list of things to do this weekend!

So, now you know a great formula for protected, hydrated, and dewy skin:

a (BB/CC cream) + b (beauty blender) + c (face oil/serum) = x (beautiful, shiny (in a good way!) skin)

I have no idea if this is what a proper mathematical equation would look like – maths is not my forte!

So, what’s your formula for the perfect skin? I’d love to hear from you!




Okay – some of you may be asking, “What??” First, sing the title to the tune of La Cucaracha, and second, think back to those woven, leather sandals that were popular in the 80’s and 90’s. You with me? Okay, good. Now, guess what! They’re back! And mama got herself a few pairs!

#1: huarache 2

Black. Leather. Woven. Enough said. You can find similar ones here. Okay, now Enough said.

#2: huarache 3

These pink ones are a cute and girly take on huaraches. Pair them with frilly dresses, jeans, trousers, and just about anything else. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral and let these babies be your statement. These are sold out at Asos, but look for other brightly coloured ones, like these.

#3haurache 1

These Warehouse babies are my favourite! I got them even though they’re a size too big. Why didn’t I get my own size, you ask? It will all become clear in just a bit. The black woven into the light neutral tan means that these work well with dark and light-toned outfits.

Living in Mumbai, I have the luxury of discovering these treasures when I least expect it! It’s so much more exciting hunting through this….


And this….


And coming out with 3 pairs of leather huaraches for under a tenner! Bargain!

What do you think of this comeback trend? Are you loving huaraches as much as I am?

As always, I’d love to hear from you!



going grey

My most recent hair experiment landed me some silvery, greyish strands. Though normally, I would have thrown an absolute paddy, I actually kinda liked them. The silver added a little umph and was certainly more exciting then the blonde ombre I’d had now for what felt like ages! It was time for a change….and this little ‘mishap’ at the salon sent me into a whole new obsessive tizzy – grey hair!

A few celebrities….

.images (1)image.img.13276883781271396542813-rita-ora-grey-hair-at-the-novikov-restaurant-rex__large

Mixed in with a few non-celebrities….


And you’ve got yourself a trend! I’m thinking about it…I really am! It’s the ashiest you can get, really, isn’t it? And I ADORE ash tones..!

What are your thoughts on this trend? Would you rock the grey/silver mane?

As always, I’d love to hear from you! If I do end up ‘going grey’, I’ll document it here!


Bombay Bargains Part 1


streetshopping pt1

2 words….Street Shopping! Mumbai is littered with stalls, markets, hideaway shops, and pop-up racks full of brilliant finds! I decided to venture out and take to the street shopping I had heard so much about….and a brand new love affair began!

You may have noticed that this is Part 1 of the post. Let’s just say I found a LOT of bargains!

Prints are HUGE this season….the quirkier, the better! I picked up these bargains for practically nothing. Most I haggled for, which to be honest, I am pretty good at! You’d be surprised how hard you’ll fight for a piece you really want to take home! Blazing hot and humid weather didn’t stop me! It wasn’t pretty….but who cares?!  I got what I wanted!

It’s understood that the first price you hear in street markets is not the price you’ll end up paying here in Mumbai. Haggling is an artform in itself. Cutting the first price heard by 50% takes some serious balls! At the same time, it adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the whole street shopping experience.


My first find was from this shop. Nestled amongst several other ‘western wear’ shops, I was instantly drawn to this one as a quick look through the front window hinted at possible quirky prints.


Just look at these prints! Rows and rows of fun tops, bottoms, jackets, and more!


And here’s my find! How adorable is this ice-cream shirt??!! I can’t wait to pair it with a high waisted A-line skirt or some distressed jeans!

A close-up of the print….


Too cute! And it only cost me 1050 rupees! Bargain! No haggling here, though. This place has ‘fixed’ prices.  Flutter is on Waterfield Road, Bandra West.

When strolling along the Linking Road market, I spotted some tasty bits, but so as not to give anything away to the vendors, I approached each stall with body language that read indifference, and my bitch resting face.


I recognized a print…..


I was sure I had seen this print before. Was it Topshop? River Island? I couldn’t remember…but I knew it was high street! I asked to take a closer look, and voila….


An adorable H & M romper! As I secretly vowed to make this piece a part of my collection, I showed no emotion. My practiced pokerface was in full view. After a few minutes of sweaty bartering, I paid just 400 rupees for this baby! Welcome, tiger romper. You are already loved.


This adorable flamingo-y crop top also found it’s way into my closet for a mere 250 rupees!

Tucked away behind a few street stalls on Hill road in Bandra, I found this shop….


Along with the lovely shopkeepers, one will find a wide variety of funky printed dresses and tops. Here’s what I came away with….


Granted it doesn’t look like much….but look closer….


Vintage telephones, hem detailing, and buttoned shoulders? Gorgeous!Think pin curls, red lips, cinched waist belt, and chunky heels. *sigh* And all for only 500 rupees!

If you’re interested in how to style quirky prints like these, lookout for my upcoming posts!

And don’t forget to follow me…..

As always, I’d love to hear from you! Have you picked up any bargains lately? What quirky prints will you be rocking this season?


You make me blush

That moment….when your body calls your bluff, giving away emotion though no words are spoken. The Blush. That slight tint on the apples of your cheeks…so simple, yet so effective in awakening your face. Blush is a necessity. That being said, please use sparingly. There’s a fine line between blushing beauty and Bozo the clown!

I love all things blush! It was near enough impossible, but I think I’ve narrowed it down. Introducing…

top 5

In no particular order….


Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette

The shades on this palette are incredible! Fabulous colour payoff, 2 highlighting blushers, and 8 shades to pick and choose from, all for £6.00! Bargain! Just look at that mirror! You can tell I tap that blusher brush on it almost every morning!


Sleek Makeup Blush by 3

My first palette of cream blushers and dare I say it….I may be in love! Intensely pigmented, this trio is easily blendable and compliments all skin tones.


H & M Make Me Blush

The perfect mixture of blusher and bronzer, this one adds dimension to the face with that sun-kissed glow.


Sleek Blush 

It’s so gorgeous I had to swatch it! Just look at that pinky, goldy goodness! A blusher/highlighter duo that adds warmth and glow with a single flick of the brush.  Incredible!


Revlon Powder Blush

This bright coral shade gives brightness to the face, especially when teamed with a cream highlighter.

So what blushers have got you blushin’ lately?

As always, I’d love to hear from you!

p.s. I’ve moved to Bombay! But that’s another post…coming soon! Fay in Bombay……..I like the sound of that…..